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deviation in storage by marshmellowbrains
deviation in storage by marshmellowbrains

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Part 4, Rynn
"That's the last one," I returned to my seat at the fore of the LMPC, or as the masses called it a "bullet car". My partner for this job was Perd, a good guy and one of the best LMPC handlers I knew.
"talkative bunch aren't they" he said nodding his head backwards as we started the last leg of our journey.
"It's all new to them. Leaving home like this. One is barely 15 summers old, so they're going to take time to adjust to this."
I glanced down at he little crystal display in front of me. In it, I could see three figures, each looking suddenly so very small and very young.

"Really think one of these'll be chosen?" Perd asked accelerating and increasing the height we flew over the ground. There were a number of surprised noises behind us and I stifled a laugh. It would never get old, the reaction of Outsiders to our technology and way of life.
"Who knows. The Empress thought it was a good idea. New blood and all that."
"That's true. Not so many newcomers in recent years, so think this will be good for the Isles."
The LMPC was now cruising comfortably over the basic two storey houses, Perd's manouvering effortlessly to avoid anything in our path.

"Make sure you're stay seated please," I said turning my seat to face our passengers. "I know one of you has been sat and confined in here awhile, but we'll soon arrive at the coast where we'll meet the Naval vessel Blue Winds. You'll get a chance to stretch your legs then. Try bearing with it."
One half hearted mumble and two head nods followed my statement.
Turning my seat back I leaned back, and gave Perd a wide smile. "Show them what you can do."
For a man of over twenty summers, Perd could be very childish, especially when handling a LMPC. He didn't even try to hide his delight, before increasing the speed again and showing off his ability with complicated manouvers as we hurtled towards the coast.
Colliding worlds (working title) chapter 1 part 4
I've not forgotten part 3, but the character involves States it's after his bed time so won't talk to me!
raw upload as its come streaming out my head.
all hail predictive text and autocorrect!


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em-j Rabbitwolf
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United Kingdom
A little about me... OK Sorry if this is too long for those with short attention spans who are just here for any shiny images I should happen to post.

Ok quick version; Female, Living in Scotland, Engaged, Ill, Furry, Bi-sexual, Strange, Big Kid at heart, Loves and owns animals, Loves to garden, Loves to create things, Loves experimenting with her camera.

Longer version (Which will get worked on over time)

I live in a smallish village outside the City of Stirling, in Central Scotland. Its a place surrounded by hills and lots of varied environments I can explore on foot and with my camera. Originally from Teesside in North East England, I moved to Stirling to study Biology at the university there. Work, love, family, finance, health, the usual has kept me here since.

I'm currently engaged to a wonderful man who accepts just how crazy I am, and lets me get on with the various projects I have going. Since we both play with and collect table top war gaming miniatures, this works out well. He buys them, I get to paint them.
He's been supporting me in my desire to get better at visual arts by buying my not one but 2 Wacon oversize A4 graphic tablets in the years I've been with him. He also puts up with the various arts and crafts materials that stray out of their storage boxes into the bedroom, or standing around whilst I squee away over art supplies when shopping in Glasgow.

Had various health issues through my entire life which have decided to manifest upon me in ernest. I suffer from Fibromyalgia. There's links on my website (Once included) that will explain this condition for those who don't know. This sadly limits my daily life, but I do try not to let if get me down. Something thats not always easy comsiderig I've has severe depression issues since my teens. My depression helps fuel my desire to create as I throw my thoughts and feelings into images or objects to clear my head. To make matters even more eventful I have PCOS, (Another thing linked on my website), which is probably going to stop me having children. Not a great thing for a woman who wants to have children of her own. However friends and family have youngsters who I get to entertain which helps. Asthma and a variety of allergies round out my wonderful health issues.
I've a CD storage box full of my various medication. Dread trying to travel out of the country with it all!

I love creating things. I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy it. Gives me something to focus on, and calm down my overactive mind.
Over the course of time I hope to build up a collection of creaive works of my own. There will also be various photographs of things I've found interesting or cute. My definition of "cute" can be a little complicated!
The styles I use vary and change not only with time, but with my moods and situations. I love trying out new things when I get the chance.

My fiance, his family, my family and our close friends are my support network and help me cope with everything I'm dealing with, which is a wonderful help. Don't know what I'd do without them!

Operating System: Windows XP/& depending which PC I'm using!
It was recently my 33rd birthday, which if I were a Hobbit, and I've been called such since I'm smaller than a lot of the people I spend time with, I would officially now be an adult.
I don't feel my 33 years. I feel like I did when I was about 24-25, just before I got sick. At least that's how I still feel on the inside, even though my body no longer looks the same or is the same way health wise as it was back then.

However I've decided its time to get organised... I have no legacy to leave to this world, but I have created things. Some I'm proud of, others not to much. But I want to leave a record of these just in case they are useful to others... This means getting my life in order. Sorting out all the piles of papers and objects I've accumulated over the years. Scanning in the art work, typing the words scrawled on scraps of paper, and taking photos of those objects I can't scan, models I've painted, things I've crafted...

Its going to be one very, very long road, as so much has built up over my life. Hopefully I will get to have everything organised and sorted before I turn 34... or 35 at the latest. Yes that's a long time scale, but I need it. So much to be done, and so much to recorded, even if only for myself... 

If you're interested come along for the ride. Old things will be recorded and new works generated as I try to get my mind, body and soul back into some semblance of how I feel. My health isn't going to improve, but I can lose the weight, tone up and try to do my own make up and hair!
SO much to do and so little time... where's my pocket watch and bunny ears...
I feel like I'm constantly left behind. All my life I've felt like I was chasing others to catch up, or to obtain something out of life... Now I don't know where to go.
My depression keeps surfacing, more than in the past, sucking me down on to a dark lonely path. I don;t want that. I want to walk in the sun with my family and friends. To love and be loved, to explore and enjoy.
But I feel so lost and confused. I've no idea where I'm supposed to go next.
The help I'm getting via my health service isn't enough. I knwo there are staff and budget cuts, that there's waiting lists and such, but I've been waiting so long...
Hopefully when I see my GP next I can explain things to him, make him understand my pain and upset.
Out of four GPs in my local practise only ONE believes me and cares about the conditions I've been diagnosed with.
He's the youngest out of the four, but I still don't know if he's completely on my side.
At least after appointments with him I don't want to curl up and die, or carve my flesh up as I'm filled with shame.
My family and friends are all moving on, and I'm stuck in the same place as I was two years ago....
Suffering from Fibromyalgia and Depression plus Goddess knows what else, unemployed and feeling useless.
I woud like to leave something behind in this world, something which will live on through others, though memories of who I am will fade.
Due to the illnesses I'm not able to start a family yet. That hurts so badly, as I've seriously wanted to be a mother since about 20.
Friends and family members have married and had children, purchased their own homes, moved to new places even countries.
I'm so happy and pleased for them, yet also sad inside.
Everyone is moving so fast compared to me.
I feel ike an anchor holding back my fiance.
He's smart and capable, loving and understanding, yet with the way of the world, moving upwards for him is proving hard.
That hurts me more than I ever actually let on. I wish something would happen for him in a most positive way.
My sister has new friends and new hobbies. A great things for her.
As my sister growing up, she was ridiculed and bullied. All for being the younger sister of the "srange girl" in school.
Thankully with time people saw her for who she was rather than my sister.
She has her own dreams and hopes. I just wish I could help her achieve them. She deserves to be happy.
My parents are ok, I guess would be the term.
Both struggling along in different ways, but moving along trying to find their place in the world.
They both have legacies in us children and those they have cared for.
Growing up they taught us so much of the world.
As my parents accepted me for whoever I was, I've followed where my heart led without fear for them.
Being different is hard growing up.
The bullying and teasing, being gossipped about behind your back. Even now its barely stopped.
I don't want to be anyone but myself. I tried to be someone else in the past, it only made me unhappy.
The world as a whole doesn't understand who I am, though there are pockets of people who get and accept it.
I grade myself against what they have achieved, the places they've gone, the legacy they leave.
I'm trying to move, but not sure where to start. There's so much to be done, but I've only 2 hands and so little energy.
I'm trying to sort the jumble of tasks ito a coherent structure, one that I can follow.
I won't catch up with out some miricle intervention.
But I might just be able to do the things that I dream of.
Visit the placed on this Earth that call out to me.
Learn the subjects and languages that intrigue my mind.
To create the objects my mind builds in detail, but as tactile objects any can see.
My illnesses will never go away, and may only get worse, but I need to control them.
Not let them control me.
Need to find out where to turn within the health service.
I might not keep up, but I plan not to be left behind.


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